I'm Joy Prouty-
Filmmaker, Poet,
Published Author
& Midwife of 
Artistic Rebirth

I offer experiences that blend my expertise in photographic art, emotional presence & memory preservation.




I want to change the culture around the purpose of photographs.

I help people learn how to let go of "perfect" pictures, embody their true worth & ease anxiety through practices of presence.

Your camera is not a distraction- it is your portal to presence.

As a mother, life often feels like it is passing by in a blur. 
You take countless pictures trying to freeze time and capture the memories, but in looking back find you barely even remember experiencing the moments. But what if there were a way to preserve your family's story while also becoming fully present within it?

By combining the science of memory preservation with photography principles, you'll learn how to exit survival mode and enter the present moment through the photos you're already taking


a mother's guide to savoring life 
through the photos you're already taking

When we choose to become present within our photographs, we become self-healers.

Photographs offer doorways into our
secret rooms within.

Here are a few ways we can work together:

Presence-Centered Films for Brands, Artists & Families


I create heart-centered films for families, artists of all kinds, brands, small businesses & non-profit organizations.
If you'd like to commission a film,
reach out!

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Become Present
through Creative Coaching/Midwifery


I take a very holistic perspective.
No matter what stage you are at on your journey, I would love to act as midwife to your artistic rebirth!
I have both group experiences and individual offerings...

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Becoming Present
through Portraits


 My sessions are organic, honest and vulnerable- all emotions are welcomed, honored & preserved.
If you are interested in booking with me, please reach out! I am currently located in Western Washington & available for travel depending on the project.

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“It's like Joy melted away all of the daily hustle and stress and left only our love in the pictures!” 

- a. kido, client

Shall we create something



I take on a limited number of projects each quarter and would love to talk with you about what you are dreaming up for us together...

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