Practicing Presence:
A Mother's Guide to Savoring Life Through the Photos You're Already Taking

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"Few books have taken my breath away more times than Practicing Presence. This book has taught me how to be a better memory keeper and meaning maker."

-Ellie Holcomb,
Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter and author

You do not need to know anything about photography to be completely transformed by this book.

i can help because i've been there

As a mother, life often feels like it is passing by in a blur...

You take countless pictures trying to freeze time and capture the memories, but in looking back find you barely even remember experiencing the moments.

But what if there were a way to preserve your family's story while also becoming fully present within it?

I know how to help...

Combining the science of memory preservation with photography principles, I show you how to exit survival mode and enter the present moment through the photos you're already taking

"Joy Prouty invites us into perspective practices that help us see we are already standing on the sacred ground we have been searching for."

-Scott Erickson, author of Say Yes and Honest Advent

The book will help you:


Understand why becoming present feels so hard & why it brings up so much in us.


Learn to reclaim childlike imagination & discover the true meaning of joy


Learn to preserve presence with YOUR camera & to let go of "perfect" pictures.


Become present to: your true worth,  compassion, beauty, light, your body, your strength & your creativity. 


Establish a new family culture around photographs & how they can be about so much more than just how we look.


"This book has enabled me to do more than capture photos of our family; it has freed my heart to live into the expansive joy of the everyday."

-Ann Voskamp, author of the New York Times bestseller One Thousand Gifts and WayMaker

"Through stunning photography, poeticism, and compassion, Joy Prouty shows us the worth and the holy weight of paying attention to the lives that we have. Practicing Presence is a work of art that amplifies the art unfolding before our eyes."

-K.J. Ramsey, therapist and author of The Book of Common Courage

"This book unlocked something within me I didn't realize was hidden away.  With searching candor and armfuls of practical tips, Joy offers a gentle reminder that we don't need to settle for distraction & disconnection."

-Shannan Martin, author of The Ministry of Ordinary Places, Start With Hello & Falling Free

Is This The Book For You?

You feel anxious & are always thinking about your desire for calm 

You're either totally numb or feeling overwhelmed in motherhood & in creativity

YOu WANT TO recover the kind of wonder & awe you once had as a child.

You want to parent from a place of peace & break generational bounds.

you're ready to let go of all the heaviness & embody compassion as a practice.