films & photos

Photographs & Films for Artists, Brands & Families

Looking for someone to make art of your unique story

i CAN HELP with that...

Over the years, I have been commissioned to create photographs and films for:

- Brands & Small Businesses wanting to show the deeper layers of their origin stories & identity,
- Non-Profits to create documentary and advocacy films, 
- & Musicians to make story-driven, emotive music videos & imagery.

Reach out if you have an idea you'd like to bring to life!

My deepest intention when creating art with you is to preserve proof of all the presence in your life.

Wherever there is connection- I will find it and preserve it. I will be right there framing it in the most artistic light.

“"It's like Joy melted away all of the daily hustle and bustle and grind and stress and left only our love in the pictures!” 

-anna kido, client

Shall we create something



I take on a limited number of projects each quarter and would love to talk with you about what you are dreaming up for us together...

reach out!