what is a "present family session"?

A Present Family Session is a unique portrait experience where I use my camera as a tool for helping families
make intentional memories, connect deeply to one another & create revelatory art that serves as an honest legacy.

Why does presence even matter?

Presence Changes Everything.

The average quick holiday photo shoot barely scratches the surface of telling a family's story. And it often feels rushed and inauthentic.

But the photo taking experience doesn't need to feel stressful- you have the opportunity to create a new family culture around pictures.

My goal is just to create proof of your PRESENCE together- not perfection or performance.

If you're a family that longs for a much DEEPER and connective family art experience, 
I'm your girl.

My past clients so kindly let me interview them about our portrait session experiences together!
I hope what they share in this 5 minute film gives you great insight into the VALUE of my process.

Watch this short film NOW...

A few films I have made of Present Families...

Want to book a Present Family Session with me?

90 Minute Session

90 minute sessions are typically when we meet at an outdoor location at sunset or sunrise. 

I currently offer these sessions on San Juan Island, Washington (my current home base) and also in cities I will be traveling through in 2024.

4 Hour Session

This amount of time is perfect for documenting the entirety of a family's morning routine (from wake-up through nap time), OR to document after-school time through golden hour/bedtime routine!

4 hours allows time for everyone to get comfortable and honest and for the whole photo shoot thing to feel a lot less pressurized.

Full Day Session

The full day session is for families who want an entire day documented (wake-up through bedtime). These are my FAVORITE kind of sessions because the comfort level of everyone being documented is so profound. 

The full day session is an investment in preserved legacy of fully honest documentation.

I currently offer 3 types of sessions that I have
described below.

For ANY session length, we will have ample communication (by phone and on a Zoom call) leading up to the
session so that you can be prepared emotionally,
physically & logistically.

*Investment details below...

Investment details...

90 Minute Session: $1900

4 Hour Session: $3200

Full Day Session: $4900


*These rates are for photography services only (includes the high resolution finalized gallery of images).

*Films can be added on at an additional cost.

*These rates are for sessions local to San Juan Island, WA only. However, if you are interested in having me come to your home, that is a possibility & requires all of my travel costs be covered (airfare, rental car, lodging).

inqure about a session!


I want to change the culture around the purpose of family pictures. Not to seek perfect images, but present ones.

I help families embrace a new form of creative presence:

letting go of "perfect" pictures, slowing down to connect deeply & welcoming the entire spectrum of emotion within the portrait experience.

Shall we create something



I take on a limited number of projects each quarter and would love to talk with you about what you are dreaming up for us together...

reach out!