Once a woman has reclaimed her worth
she must then embody her power.

If you are looking for a compassionate guide on your creative journey, I would love to come alongside you as midwife to your unfolding. 

I require the booking of a FREE
15 minute consult call for anyone seeking 1-on-1 sessions.
This helps both of us feel secure about working together.

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Who I am and what I do...

I'm a midwife
to women experiencing the rebirth of themselves as artists.

Kind Words

"Joy she held up a mirror to reveal the most true part of me. She offered safety, kindness & validation."

— meredith b., past mentee

I've never had content this great before French 75. My social media is totally exploding with engagement.

— Jennifer, co-Founder, Tonic site shop

two 50 minute sessions

I require at least two sessions so that we can make a real impact.

The first call is getting into the nitty gritty of what's not feeling clear, settled or easy in your current business situation. I try to be a mirror showing you any blind spots in your perspective or ways of operating that may be hindering you having an expansive business flow.

The second call typically happens about a month later, after you've had a chance to implement the things you got clarity on during call one.
We can co-create a strategy for a current project, build a marketing framework, imagine content concepts, or we can get personal and figure out practices for your uniquely made body/mind/spirit/nervous system to enable your capacity to sustain doing the work long term.
 I am an open book, I will not waste your time and I up for discussing anything in the realm of artistic entrepreneurship!

Four 50 minute sessions

Four sessions allows us to get DEEP. It also allows me to help you create a course, rehab an old website, develop and launch an idea, etc.

It's enough time to get to the roots of unhelpful belief systems that impact your ability to thrive and maintain a healthy business life, enough time to uncover any unproductive habits keeping you stuck, and enough time to create an incredible strategy AND action plan for embodying the power you know is within you but that, until now, you just couldn't figure out how to embody. 

six 50 minute
sessions plus an in-person branding photo/video package

This option is for someone who wants a long term mentor, as well as the added experience of a branding package with me in person here on San Juan Island, WA.!

I am SO SO excited about anyone who chooses this option! It allows us to get really deep and envision what type of marketing pieces and images/films you'll need to clearly convey the message that is at the heart of your work.

 When your schedule allows you to travel here to the island to be with me, we will spend a day creating everything you need to share your message with the world!

Investment in Creative Coaching/Artistic Midwifery...

All options include my time spent prior to our call assessing your website, social accounts, writing, galleries, etc. INQUIRE FOR RATES.
I will envision strategy for expanding your reach and attaining more depth.

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“Joy helped me to see that my sensitivity was not a weakness, in fact it was my greatest strength. This completely expanded my business & my life!” 

-Sarah J. - past mentee

With me as your midwife & coach...

You Will:

+ GAIN tools for accessing your intuition

+ GAIN confidence in showing up/sharing

+ GAIN understanding & deep peace

+ GAIN a clear & supported path forward

want something like that?

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15 min. consult call with me!